• Molly McGraw

Zine Quest 3!

This February is Zine Quest 3, an annual TTRPG zine event on Kickstarter, where indie creators run a campaign for 2 weeks to get their TTRPG-related zines funded and made.

So, naturally, I've thrown my hat in the ring!

Introducing MarrowScar, which I launched on February 1st. It ends February 15th (9 days left!) and it's a setting zine. This means it's a world in which other people can run games. The zine will have information about the history, different locations, and people of the region, as well as stats for making a player character in any of the four playable species I've homebrewed.

We've already hit our base funding goal of $400, now it's all about continuing to gain support so we can reach the stretch goals I've set out!

At $700, add-on sticker sets will be available for $6 each, and additional sections of stats and info for NPCs, organizations, and monsters will be added to the zine.

At $1000, add-on art prints will be available for $10 each, and additional locations as well as a section of homebrew items both magical and mundane will be added to the zine.

At $1300, the whole zine gets a color upgrade (it is originally printing in single-color), and additional sections of adventure hooks will be added to the zine.

There is a pledge option for a PDF download, and an option for a printed copy!

Check us out and get a gift for the TTRPG lover in your life!

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