• Molly McGraw

Start-Of-May Update!

The beginning of this month marks the launch of the pre-order campaign for the May/June Pin & Sticker Club in my store! This round's theme is Diaphonized Animal Specimens:

Pre-order here, and please read the description for details on pre-order.

This month, the charity for my newly released charity Fire-Bird sticker sets is also changing, and it's going to be KhalsaAid International who are on the ground helping in India with the COVID-19 emergency there.

Buy the Charity-Of-The-Month Stickers here. 100% proceeds will go to the listed charity.

I also have a project coming out on the 20th, a new small TTRPG (placeholder name: Blueprint Animal Jam) being made for a game jam on where I was given a piece of stock art to design a game around.

This game will release the 20th of May. The rest of my TTRPG products, such as Dungeons & Day-Jobs and La Bête: A Solo Game can be found here!

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