• Molly McGraw

Pride Month merch preview!

RAMPANT! is going to be an acrylic pin and 6 vinyl stickers featuring pride flags and heraldic supporter beasts!

Pre-orders will run from May 16th - May 31st. Shipping in June, ideally.

The acrylic pin will be 2" x 2" in size and will feature this Pride/Progress flag Peryton. An acrylic pin will be better for this amount of color/detail than an enamel pin ever could be. They'll also be on HOLOGRAPHIC paper, so they'll be shiny! They will be $15 before shipping (with free US domestic shipping).

The stickers will be available in a full set for $12 or individually for $3 each (also free US domestic shipping). They'll be 3" circles without the banner shown in the preview.

NOTE: The Gryphon flag may change in the future, I am taking polls between 2 options since there isn't quite an agreed upon flag just for gay men/mlm like there is for lesbians/wlw.

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