• Molly McGraw

October Kickstarter Campaign

I have big plans for a big Kickstarter campaign to run through October. It will be mushroom themed with "sets" based on three gorgeous mushrooms (and perhaps more depending on how successful it is). Each set will have a sticker, a .75" mini enamel pin, a 1.5" standard enamel pin, and an 11"x14" letterpress fine art print. Plans are for the primary goal to fund the first full set (the False Parasol mushroom), with additional major stretch goals for each additional set (the Shaggy Ink Cap, and the Cinnabar Chanterelle). In between the major goals will be smaller single-item goals that promise even if a major stretch goal for a full set isn't reached, there will still hopefully be pieces of that set unlocked for supporters to choose from when it's time for the reward surveys to go out.

If the campaign is successful enough, supporters will also help choose (via poll) whether additional goals beyond the three sets would include: more sets for different mushrooms; embroidered patches; bookmarks; keychains/charms; a special sticker sheet; or even washi tape!

I'm currently working out designs, and organizing the campaign pre-launch but please keep an eye out! It will be updated here and on social media when the campaign launches!

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