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March Shop Updates!

The shop has been updated for the March/April Pin & Sticker Club! This time we have a rodent theme with a cute little mouse pin design and the fancy rat 3-pack sticker designs. Pins are $15 each and we need a minimum of 10-15 pre-orders in order to raise the base amount for manufacturing, but! Pre-orders are open for all of March! Stickers are $9 for a pack of all 3 designs.

The pins, stickers, and prints from my Mushroom Memorabilia Kickstarter have also finally dropped in-store! We have a 2" hard enamel pin, a soft enamel mini-pin that's less than 1" in size, 2 different stickers, and an 11"x14" fine art print! Check them out, and all my other mushroom-themed items, over here!

In an effort to clear out a bit from my own enamel pin collection, I've put up a selection of grab-bag style blindboxes featuring guaranteed pins (none of my designs for now), and then a collection of other items such as: stickers, keychains, charms, jewelry, dice, trading cards, and more! Boxes are 3" x 3" and the price of the box reflects the value of all the contents, not just the pin. There are a wide variety of pin subjects, so please take a look and you might find something you're interested in!

And finally, on the store front, I've released my first ever TTRPG game. Dungeons & Day-Jobs is a hack of the Tunnel Goons system, a rules-lite game made in 2 days for the TryFolds Jam which encourages its participants to make games that can be folded and unfolded in fun and exciting ways. Dungeons & Day-Jobs is a humorous game where you undertake a fantasy-like quest to complete a usually-mundane office task in the setting of a fantastical urban office. It only requires a game-master (the CEO), 2-4 players (the employees), and 2 standard 6-sided dice. But! It includes a PDF copy that can also be printed out at home and folded into a nice little booklet which outlines the rules of the game, how to build your characters, and some enemies and locations to use for your session! And there are both a pool of community copies available for free to those unable to afford the game themselves, as well as an option to fund more copies to be put into that pool! Take a look!

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